Everyone isn't meant to be a celebrity but you can still have a meaningful life and a life of quality.  

The key is to simply evolve in an area that serves you and that you have a genuine interest in.

     The opinions of friends and family play a big part in our ability to really be who we are intended on becoming.

The problem is many of us don't realize that until it's too late or simply very late in

     life and then we give up!

     I had a very challenging life, but because of freedom of choice, I have nobody to blame but myself!

I was blessed to overcome substance abuse after 25 years.

     That experience prepared me for a new lease on life, but I didn't know that my next challenge would be that

I would become a two-time cancer survivor.

    I'm no better than anyone and I will keep pursuing my goals, even after my life-threatening challenges and you can also.

I failed at my longtime love of music and performing all over the world because

    I fell in love with the craft of speaking and have been doing so for 17 years.

    Now it's my turn to give back to others and teach them how to do what I've done...including becoming an author.

                                                                I've authored 3 books which one has become an Amazon Best Seller!

                                                 People respond well to my combination of passion and creativity. Let me show you how you can

                                                          conquer the odds and become a better presenter and tell your story.

                                        Dr. Myles Munroe said it best when he talks about the cemetery being one of the richest places on the planet.

   So once again you need the edge to do what I've done and what many of my colleagues have done on television, radio,

interviews, movies, books, there is no limit to your potential. You are one step away from your future!..



  When I first started I had no idea exactly what I wanted or how to find it,

but I went back to my old to to...music and that was the beginning.

   I didn't realize that music, poetry, acting and all of the things

I was doing was the training ground to prepare for what I do today...speak, train and coach.

   I ordered a CD back in the day with all of the information on how to become a speaker because

I didn't have a speaking coach or mentor, but slowly and through numerous mistakes and

investing in myself via time (conferences, workshops, teleconferences, etc.). I'm still chasing my passion.

FULL PAYMENT $197.00 or break it down


If there was a way for you to become comfortable

in all of these situations would you take advantage of it?





The best way to learn is through direct application.

Some things cannot be learned from a book.

It's Hard To See The Picture When You're In The Frame!--Anon

The WordSmith Speakers ALLIANCE

Attention Leaders:
Authors, Business owners, Consultants, Coaches,

Managers, Supervisors or Team Leads!!!​
Are you a first-time boss?
Are you a teacher or a worship leader? 
Are you a survivor of a tragedy?
Have you experienced a major success?
Do you prefer to stay in the background?
Do you lack comfort speaking in meetings? 
Do you want to tell your story, but don't know how?
Have you gotten stuck because your story seems hard?



Inspire Positive Change in Your Life by Learning to Write and

Speak Like a Professional with The WordSmith Speakers Alliance

It can be difficult for aspiring authors to take stories

locked away in their minds and put them to page.

It’s also a challenge to become an accomplished public speaker when you lack

the confidence and speaking structure needed to win over an expectant audience.

That’s why the WordSmith Speakers Alliance has developed two unique opportunities

to expand your writing and speaking potential with hands-on, actionable direction.

Make This the Year It All Comes Together!

In 2017, The WordSmith Speakers Alliance willbe hosting an exclusive event—

a limited access boot camp —to help authors, speakers and entrepreneurs

learn exactly what it takes to take your career to the next level.
You'll benefit from role-play, scenarios and  Q & A within each of these components!

You’ll find the key elements behind writing, publishing and marketing your personal book, as well as how to become a confident, formidable, inspiring speaker that can engage and enthrall an audience.

Additional benefits include the following:

Learning the Essential of Public Speaking

-Overcoming the Fear of Speaking in Public
-How to Develop Talking Points
-Delivering Key Messages Succinctly
-Engaging and Holding Your Audience’s Attention
-Speaking with Clarity and Confidence
-Thinking and Reacting Quickly – Improvisation
-Building Rapport and Expressing Direction 

Learning Five Key Components of Book Writing

-Developing Key Focal Points, Storyline, Characters and Style
-Staying Focused and Writing Books in 30, 60, or 90 Days
-Putting Your Manuscript in the Hands of Reviewers
-Marketing Your Finished Book on A Budget
-Building Upon Finished Works and Beyond

-How to write your book in 30 - 90 days
And so much more!


If you’re ready to accomplish writing and speaking goals

you once thought out of reach,

join the WordSmith Speakers Alliance Speaking

and Book Writing Bootcamp

and get the hands-on direction you need to

become a true professional. 

I learned by observing and then ultimately DOING! Acquiring certifications,

training, and exposure in the area that I knew I had an interest in. 
I never planned to be an author or a national speaker. In fact,

I'm very grateful because starting out my goal was to become an international singing sensation.

I love music and grew up with a very heavy music influence in my life. Performing spiritual music, pop, soul and standards,

in fact I've been around some of the best in the business (Diana Ross, Freddie Jackson, The Moments, Ashford & Simpson, and many more).

The same applies to my experience in motion pictures

(Nicholas Cage, Jon Voight, Ed Harris,  Mario Van Peebles, Chris Rock, Wesley Snipes, Ice-T and others).

I learned that it was the training ground to position me for where I am today. All of those experiences and more paid off when I landed a starring role in season one of a positive, inspirational business reality show "The Keynote" which also stars 8 of my colleagues and executive producer Delatorro McNeal (pictured below).

Some of the people that I learn, grow and rely on have helped me elevate my game,now it's time for you to elevate yours!


Thank you for the writing tips.  I so needed them. You have so much to offer. 

A person's life is like a chain...you are a link. Remember, every connection counts! 
Forever grateful, -Dr. Sheba Holly

"Change is scary...but easier with a plan, coach or guide...Thank you Sir Charles Cary"! -Annette Lavigne, Toastmaster

I was inspired to stop procrastinating and start investing in ME and the things I want to do with my future. 

I know I can do so much more with the talents I have been blessed with but for so long I have been content in my comfort zone. 

After listening to you I know I need to do away with the fear of failing, start taking risks and learn from my mistakes in order to grow.  

-Dyone “Dee” Mitchell, Spoken Word Artist/Author/Actress

Sir Charles Cary is passionate about his message because he IS the message.

If you're ready to be enlightened as well as entertained, Charles is a must.
 -Vernice “Fly Girl” Armour -!



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